“Rarest of the Rare”

WSC REPORT Please read my post on the State of the Wild (WCS 2010). The white-headed langur like the Indo-Chinese tiger and other tiger subspecies has been driven to near extinction in-part because of wildlife trafficking. Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to promote the practice of zootherapy.  Zootherapeutic agents include parts and derivatives of whole carcasses, […]

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Jungle Yellow Fever

I’m scheduled to give a talk to an audience at the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut next month on topics relevant to ecological health and conservation medicine. These emerging field disciplines are popular right now, just as veterinary epidemiology has become a hot topic among interdisciplinary collection-based research programs.  They are not just popular. These health […]

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India in Need of More Wildlife Preserves

http://www.wcs.org/new-and-noteworthy/india-parks.aspx…………….“As India develops into a world economic power, it is critical that conservation planning is part of that expansion.”- WCS Staff This article addresses the need for new parks and corridors aimed at conserving India’s rarest megafauna– some 25 mammalian species of concern. As I review elephant poaching data on African elephants for 2009, I’m […]

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