Angry, Angry Hippos!

Hippo Living in Sewer Relocated

I have been enamored with the common hippo since I recall first seeing one at a zoo in an indoor, winter enclosure. They impressed me far more than elephants and rhinos. In fact, the same hippo that I saw as a kid, was totally fascinated and inspired by, and worked with on occasion as a keeper is still alive to this day. One of the greatest wildlife documentaries, in my opinion is the National Geographic feature on the lives of hippos at Mzima Springs (Tsavo West National Park, Kenya). Mzima Springs  is perhaps the best and most popular hippo viewing locales in the world. You can see these phenomenal beasts in glass clear pools in huge numbers. I often think that as much as a rhino can ‘flake’ on you, the hippo makes ‘no mistake.’  I don’t think we credit them for their behavioral plasticity or their innate intelligence. We often focus on their potential to kill and their ‘dung-a-philic’ inclinations. Read my blog post on the common hippo:

Dr. Jordan Schaul, Zoo Keeper Emeritus

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