FW: World War Zoo Gardens Project @ Newquay Zoo – Survey Request

World War Zoo gardens project at Newquay Zoo – evaluation survey request

Dear colleagues,
I am collecting data about our current Wartime Gardening (dig for victory) project and blog at Newquay Zoo, http://worldwarzoogardener1939.wordpress.com<http://worldwarzoogardener1939.wordpress.com/>

The project and its allotment gardens onsite at Newquay Zoo look at sustainability, food security, recycling and other future issues by focusing on how zoos and botanic gardens survived shortages in the past. We have an article about this project in the recent BGCI magazine Roots Volume 7, 1, April 2010.

We have just passed our 5000th reader or visitor on the blog and posted our first podcast.

We would like some feedback or evaluation. This will also form part of planning our future schools workshops and also a BIAZA zoo education award application

If you have 2 to 3 minutes of online time spare, I would value some feedback:


I have posted the link on our blogsite as well (in case you want to look at the blog then comment.)

I’m working on further research for our book about wartime zoos, botanic gardens and aquariums this autumn. Any interesting links can be posted to me at my address or email attached.

Many thanks


Mark Norris
Education Manager

Newquay Zoo
Trenance Gardens

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