Veteran Actress, Sandra Dee Robinson, has been Selected as Co- Host for Zoo Peeps Radio

Sandra is a veteran of day time TV and has appeared on numerous shows including one of my favorites, 2.5 Men.
She is also a renowned media trainer and owner of Charisma On Camera. Her recent contribution to Zoo Peeps provided some interesting perspectives for zoo educators and animal care specialists working with the public. I selected Sandra because I wanted a wildlife enthusiast and someone outside of the profession to serve as a refreshing addition to the Zoo Peeps “franchise.”

We  crack each other up and I thought that we would make for an interesting duo and would certainly do our very best to entertain, if not inform, and inspire. We already have guests scheduled for our first few shows. We will feature zoo peeps and other wildlife aficionados for a virtual behind-the-scenes exploration  of the lives of passionate wildlife professionals. Sandra is  an ardent supporter of zoos and their wildlife conservation programs. In fact, I first learned about New Jersey’s  Popcorn Park Zoo from Sandra Dee.

Sandra Dee Robinson

Dr. Jordan Schaul, Zoo Keeper Emeritus