India in Need of More Wildlife Preserves…………….“As India develops into a world economic power, it is critical that conservation planning is part of that expansion.”- WCS Staff

This article addresses the need for new parks and corridors aimed at conserving India’s rarest megafauna– some 25 mammalian species of concern. As I review elephant poaching data on African elephants for 2009, I’m reminded of how many of these animals are taken inside protected preserves by the very people who are employed to prevent poaching in the first place.  Much of the ivory from African elephants makes its way into  Asian markets.  Habitat protection is critical to in situ conservation efforts, and hopefully the game wardens on the subcontinent will help keep the poachers at bay.

The Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) is a leading support organization for governmental agencies responsible for managing human-wildlife conflict in many regions of the country. They focus much of their attention on the tiger trade, but also combat poaching of other coveted species. They provide workshops for wildlife law enforcement personnel with the following agencies and other entities:  National Police Academy; Indian Institute of Criminology; Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI);  Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP); Customs and Excise; Wildlife Institute of India; Tiger reserve authorities, and other enforcement training centers.


Dr. Jordan Schaul, Zoo Keeper Emeritus

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